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July 1, 20202

Dear Parents and Members of the Cardinal Fencing Family,

These are some unprecedented times. The world has changed since the Pandemic, and families have lost members or fear the loss from this tragedy. Jobs have been lost, schools have shut down, and we have all been affected by this pandemic. We are grieving with you and wish you and your family strength during this crucial time.

The fencing world has been forever changed by this pandemic. But, this change can not compare to the human challenges we have all faced.

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics has now turned into the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, the 2020 Cadet/Junior World Championships is being cancelled, and several US and regional events are also being canceled – especially the 2020 Summer Nationals and July Challenge. Some of us have been meeting virtually via Zoom and we hope that we will be able to meet in person soon.

Cardinal Fencing will inform you all when and how we will be able to meet in person. The California Governor has made some updates about the restricted guidelines associated with Covid-19 and slowed down some openings due to the recent surge in the infected numbers. We are all about safety and our love of fencing. 

We will let you all know when we can meet as soon as possible. In the meantime, please keep being the incredible scholar athletes that you all are, stay strong, practice your moves, communicate with your coach for guidance, treat the people around you with kindness, and stay safe!

See you soon,

Cardinal Fencing

George, Tania, Grigory, Olga, Andrey and David


  • Yanli Li

    January 7, 2022 at 11:08 pm

    Dear Sir or Madam:
    Good afternoon!
    My daughter ( her level is E21 ) wishes to come to your club to learn fencing, please tell me how to do for helping her,
    Thank you very much!

    Yanli. Li


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